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Illuminated Journey is my Home online where I share practical essays on living a happy and fulfilling life in harmony with the yearly and monthly transformative Solar and Lunar cycles of birth, growth, harvest, release and regeneration.

I am a Writer, Visionary and Sidereal Astrologer living on the West Coast of the United States in Southern California.  Throughout the year, I share Sidereal Astrological forecasts relating to the current seasonal and lunar cycles, and share articles and information on various topics such as meditation, breath work, intuition, healthy habits and daily ritual.

These are the practical tools that help us to stay grounded in our body temples and in harmony with our surroundings, connected to the web of creative energies around us and the wisdom and guidance within us.

I also offer detailed and illuminating Personal Readings and Consultations.

In addition on,  subscribers can enjoy detailed extended forecasts in the Divine Timing monthly Workshop (expanded forecasts for subscribers),  and updates are shared every few days on Facebook and Twitter when the Moon changes signs or when my Muse comes calling and I feel inspired to share.

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a wonderful day.